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Starting a new business is tough. According to a well known consulting firm, “20 percent  of hair and beauty businesses fail in their first year, and 50 percent of those who cross, fail in their fifth year.” Improving those figures are paramount, and that is where Salon by Invoay Software comes in.

It is your personal assistant, operation and marketing manager and, most importantly, your business partner to help you set up and maintain your hair or beauty business. Whether you’re at the starting foundation or trying to cut it against the competition, here are five key areas where Salon can be helped:

1: Managing Operations

It is very crucial to understand and work on the best business practices of hair and beauty industry from day one. The processes built from the opening day can help the salon business to run in a cost-effective way. All your operations covering managing client preferences, employee attendance, inventory, expenses etc. can be managed under easy function.

2: Engaging Clients

Salon has a handy engaging tool to help retaining new or repetitive clients. You can sell them customized packages and membership, track their validity and secure them with OTP. Make your client come back to your salon with this effective and proven system.

3: Automated Marketing
Marketing is an important and time-consuming aspect of new salon businesses, but with Invoay Software, you can set your client’s preference; SMS them with the right communication at the right time. You can even autopilot notification to the client on their due services so that they never forget to revisit again to your salon.

4: Reports

Invoay Software provides reports on every aspect of your hair and beauty business, from employee performance to stock management. It even collates different data points to keep you updated on your monthly profit and loss.

5: Client Cards

Record all the personal data you need in one place. From their name and address to staff preferences and their favorite cut or color, everything you need to know about your client is there in the click of a button.

With such an innovative business partner who will help in all those areas (and more!), why not explore on how Invoay can keep you on trend, http://www.invoay.com


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