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Bringing cities and communities to life by powering SMBs

Invoay Software comes from the bouquet of products from its principal company Hades Info Systems Private Limited, that was established in the year 2012 and focussed on the customized software applications, e-commerce services, and software products. 

Founded by passionate professionals having strong-domain knowledge we are helping businesses to stay competitive in the dynamic market. In the last 9 years, every milestone set by our team is timely achieved. With more than 3500+ customers already registered, we have expanded our presence throughout India, Asia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia regions and It has grown 10 times its initial size and thrives to list in fortune companies.   

Invoay has emerged from the simple idea that a business owner deserves the time to focus on what matters the most i.e its customers. The commitment of bridging the disconnect between businesses and their customers leads to address the unique needs of business owners in the modern retail, food, and wellness industry domain. Today we are helping hundreds of thousands of passionate business owners and professionals to the millions of the customers they serve. 

Invoay derives its edge from being software solutions that work for a standalone outlet to a large chain, manage functions like billing, memberships, packages, appointments, inventory control, centralized warehouse, business marketing, customer loyalty, employee productivity, expenses, business profitability, and more. Real-time information access on the mobile application for owners helps them to keep a close watch on their business from their pocket.

The technology is built on a comprehensive business ERP platform. With seamless integration between Invoay POS, Invoay Backoffice, Invoay Pocket, Invoay Visitor, and other mobile/web applications, it is seamlessly scalable and already achieved integration with global business ERP applications like SAP, Dynamics, Oracle, Accounting Software like Tally & Busy, CRM like Leadsquared, Payment Channels like Pinelabs, Mswipe, Cloud telephony solution like Ozonetel, Mall Management Software, Websites, and Social Media platforms.


Invoay Software suite is the next best thing and takes pride in offering the most sophisticated tools in personal wellness, beauty, and the modern retail industry that help their brand to reach the ideal customer. It looks after all aspects of your business with integrated features to help you make smarter decisions, boost your brand and increase your bottom line.

Point of Sales (POS)

It captures all the different payment modes you accept from customers and gives an effortless checkout system. It keeps track of sales, personal notes, and preferences for each of your customers, so you can treat them with the personalized experiences they deserve with add-on opportunities for your team to up-sell.


This mobile application is for the brand owners, franchisee partners, managers, and partners is the most frequently used platform as it provides minute to minute information of the business including the real time business sales, employee attendance, employee performance, appointments, day-end summary, product stock etc. It is also frequently used by the business owners to analyze their business performance on graphical parameters and variables.


It takes charge of the most common concern of any business owner as it back-up, store, and secure all the business transaction and customer information and make it available whenever it is required. It provides actionable insights for the more informed decisions to corporate and enterprise-level users based on their department roles to build and expand the business.


Upgrades your front desk with modern check-in and custom branding- and leaves your walk-in customers with a polished and professional experience. Personalised customer consultation, recommended services and products and record before and after picture of a customer for future reference on your mobile or tablet. Track the job card, take feedback and check-out the customer straight to the payment.


As a company, we strive to uphold the guiding principles that make us who we are and decide where we are heading


The objective of all efforts is focussed to innovate with ease of use. It is to guarantee that no previous experience is required to run and operate.


Learning from the different dimensions of business and driven by a purpose of greater than ourself shows our commitment to the success of the industry


Caring as much for others as we do for ourselves. Respecting everyone’s ideas, learning and contributing is the only way we can succeed as a team.


Keep minds open all the time as inspiration may come from anywhere. Taking actions to evolve so we remain valuable in the competitive landscape.


Complete business automation makes sustainable growth into the business driven by customers, sales and business insights matrix.


Understanding the perspective of others and helping the people we serve is the only way we can achieve their confidence.

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