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Getting Back to The Business

Smooth and successful reopening for retail and beauty businesses, thanks to Invoay new suite of features. A real-time resource bank to help you navigate your reopening with all the information, advice and shared knowledge.

We know you’re preparing to recollect your superpowers and get back to treating your clients with your services again. This is why we’ve got your back with our superpowers. Your Back to Business toolkit from Invoay Software has everything every business needs, including methods and best business practices for the new normal, covid-specific messaging and online booking and data and advice from those who have been there before.
Invoay Software clients can also now use our brand new Invoay Backoffice with completely ramped up features and interface for great user experience and easy filtering options

Refer to Friend

More now than ever, business owners can attest to the phrase “change is inevitable.” While we didn’t anticipate a full-fledged pandemic, the expert’s suggestion to business owners during this time will guide the way business is conducted moving forward.

New practices of social distancing create hurdles out of our tried-and-true face-to-face meetings, but there are still ways to nurture and generate leads digitally—it just requires taking a step back and analyzing the processes in your business that have been in place forever to see where your next opportunity lies.

Built an uber, ola kind specific “Referral Program” for your business. Customers who are loyal and happy with your service can help you to get out of this situation fast.
  • Allow your customers to Refer to your business and tag you as “Safe business”.
  • Get you more added customers who can trust you.
  • The auto reward for both Referee and Referrer with coupon code to use on their visit.

Online Booking

Stay in control of your waiting list when you reopen post-Covid. Set up your Online Booking link for Appointment requests only and get an instant notification when a customer wants to book in. Customers can request an appointment at 24/7, while you stay in control of your columns: it’s a win, win.

From your business’s perspective, it means that your booking service is available 24/7. Furthermore, the availability of time slots is updated automatically, so there’s no chance of double booking. The online booking system also helps to cut down on administration. You can handle all aspects of the booking, freeing up time for you and your staff to spend on more productive activities. The fact that it can track forthcoming appointments and automatically send phone, text, or email reminders to customers about their appointments all help to minimize the increasing problem of no-shows.

What’s more, online booking systems can link up with payment systems so that you can collect payments when customers book appointments, which certainly helps with cash flow.
  • Personalized brand Appointment page for the customer
  • Shows available slots as per the Employee availability
  • Take a confirmed Customer Appointment with Online Payment
  • Booked confirmed customer slots for Home Booking

eMonitor – Collecting health status

Simply customize the form to meet your needs. They could provide their contact details, describe their recent travel history, list people they have come into contact with, check off any symptoms they may be experiencing, and keep their status posted.

Keep digital records safe for everyone who comes to your store, employees and customers, at any time. Compliant with regulations in your area around data protection, it’s the most transparent and seamless contact tracing a small business owner can have. 

  • Contact tracing is going to be crucial.
  • Should either the client or staff of your store be showing symptoms.
  • eMonitor Application allows you to do easy contact tracing by visiting your store.
  • Intimate your customer over the SMS on their record collection.

Touchless Billing and Communication

Shortened service combined with distancing protocols can make it seem difficult to maintain the 5-star customer experience you’re used to delivering. However difficult it may seem, it’s not impossible. It simply requires a shift in thinking. Technology can help with a lot of it.

Contactless payments aren’t new, but they are becoming the new normal for purchases. With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, contactless payments have surged in popularity. Merchants are taking measures to ensure customers feel safe and protected while shopping, so contactless payments have seen a significant rise. COVID-19 is changing contactless payments as more business professionals are increasingly introducing contactless payment methods  following the coronavirus pandemic. Contactless payments are a faster, more convenient, secure, and sanitary payment method than swiping a credit card. 

  • Contactless and on-file card payments.
  • Simplify and accelerate the checkout process.
  • Automated E Bill to the customer on their mobile.
  • Automate the Reminder on their next visit.


As COVID-19 sweeps the globe, causing unprecedented effects in business and the need to figure out the best course of action to serve their customers. Listen and act on feedback in this new reality– where social distancing is the norm and the needs are ever-growing – remain. Feedback is implemented for success and necessity during COVID-19, people have even more concerns on their minds than usual, and responding to a request for feedback immediately may not feel possible.

Putting customer feedback at the heart of a retail recovery plan is essential. It’s an invaluable tool for taking on the real-time pulse’ of the business. Customer feedback needs to be relevant to the new customer journey

  • Measure your customer response
  • Get to know if they are happy to not
  • Capture their suggestions and recommendations

Retarget Customer

In the post-COVID world, the business will be forced to drive engagement & conversion from a limited budget. Engagement ensures the highest marketing ROI by focusing only on channels, products & offers that get you results! A fully-engaged and loyal customer contributes more revenue than an uncommitted or disengaged customer— an average of 50% more. Although customer engagement, marketing and support have become more difficult during pandemic times, they have become all the more important to drive revenue and get the brand back on its feet. 

  • Reach out at the right time during the recovery period with the most relevant communication for customers.
  • Get your most valuable and loyal customers engaged first
  • Segment customers into One Timer, Active and Lapsed
  • Deliver personalized customer experience using centralized data pools

Most Frequent Questions

What is the COVID-19 Features, Getting back to business and how will it support my business?
You should be proud! You’ve worked hard and made it through this far out of lockdown keeping your business alive while closed. Of course, the next step is getting back into the business and wanted to help make sure you accomplish this next step safely and successfully and reopen stronger. than ever. 

During last year lockdown, Invoay has supported many of its users and new signup's on creating a safe and returning environment for their end customer. This time, we also have to step in and support your business in getting back to business with exclusive COVID-19 features added to your Invoay Software.
How will this benefit our business?

Anything else to consider before Planning on how and whom to book back into the post-lockdown is to evaluate whether your service offering will be restricted or not.

The exclusive COVID-19 features listed aim to bring confidence back into your customers that you are indeed a safe place to visit. Along with that, you can also extend your services and product offering online at the convenience of your customer. Another aspect is to let your customer become your evangelist and make others aware about your product and services. 

Most importantly, this is not limited to just giving knowledge but working along with and getting this implemented, wherein you can see the practical impact coming into your business.  

How Invoay will implement this for our business?

As mentioned, these inputs are just not limited to sharing the knowledge rather the entire team at Invoay is working hard along with you and your team to get these rolled out. 

COVID-19 features implementation blended with your SOP's can help you bring customers back to your business. 

What is the Sign-up process?
Invoay is trusted by more than 2500 + stores. In case you want to schedule a demo of Invoay Software along with the understanding on Covid-19 exclusive features implementation, fill out the form. Our sales team will get in touch with you to schedule a personalized demo for you. 

If you are an existing user of Invoay, raise a ticket at helpdesk.invoay.com with your consent on implementing the COVID-19 features. Invoay support agent will connect with you to get these features rolled out.  
How Invoay support team work?

Invoay Helpdesk is dedicated to providing round the clock support to its users. As it's important for every one of us to keep ourselves safe, Invoay agents are also working out remotely from home and providing implementation and training support over the phone, WhatsApp chat and ticket support. 

No matter how early or long business hours, you can rely on Invoay WhatsApp Bot support that works 24X7 for you.

What are the commercials for COVID-19 features ?

We know that it's hard time for most of us and that's why Invoay is supporting you with discounted values on new signups. Moreover, the COVID-19 features are built inside the certain Invoay Software edition sign up during the offer period. Our sales representative will help you in knowing about this. 

For existing users, Invoay Helpdesk support agent will guide you in rolling out the COVID-19 features in your existing Invoay Edition.

Is there a trial for COVID-19 features?

The COVID-19 features are built exclusively on top of the Invoay Software standard offering. If you are here to explore the COVID-19 features for your business, fill-up the sign-up form and our team will get in touch with you and help you in knowing more about this.

How long will it take to implement the COVID-19 features?

Since these features are exclusively aimed at bringing you back to business, Implementation should be planned upfront before your business resumes operations after the lockdown is over in your respective areas

Depending upon your business type, location, and your target customer segment, the timeline varies from a few days to a week.

We are existing users of Invoay and how are we going to roll out COVID-19 features?

Get in touch with Invoay helpdesk support team and they will guide and support you in rolling out these features.

How does WhatsApp bot support work?

WhatsApp bot works 24X7 for instant reply when the support is required for Invoay software. The phone support number is available on WhatsApp chat and the same works for WhatsApp bot support. Just type in your question and you will be guided by bot on the solution. 

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