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Record the Health Vitals of your Employees & Customers

Maintained at the entry of your store, Invoay eMonitor application ensures that every visitor, including your customers and employees after getting thermal scanned along with their health history, is maintained in your records. while your customer receives the instant greeting message with their vitals, it ensures that you always deliver seamless and secure access to your store in the post-COVID-19 business world.

Secure your business ops

-Maintain the records and history of health vitals of your customers and employees. -Let you get traced by the administration if any of them turned out to be corona positive. -Take timely action either to temporarily hold the operations or sanitize premises.

Elevate customer experience

-Meet your customer expectations and concern on precautions measures. -Recording every visitor’s health history shows your promptness with the situation. -Text notification on your customer phone allows them to track details of their visits.

Capture even the e-pass

-E-pass is a unique ID and contains all the basic information of your customer. -Optionally capture the e-pass ID of your customer issued to them. -This ensures that you are serving to the genuine person having permission.

Reduce your business risk

-Invoay eMonitor adds extra security on top of your efforts for health and hygiene. -Assure that you are providing entry access only to those who are completely fit and safe. -Declaration from your visiting customers gives you additional peace of mind.

Employee check-in & out

-Ensure that each of your store employees is fit to serve your customer. -Maintain the complete history with check-in and the out time of employees. -Keep track of your employee attendance even in the absence of biometrics.

Archive all records

-Invoay eMonitor maintains all the records entered for every visiting employees and customers. -Maintain business operations in compliance with the order from the local administration. -Track in your records wherever it is required to provide as proof.

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    Most Frequent Questions

    Why Invoay eMonitor Application?

    Is it mandatory for a store to use Invoay eMonitor Application?

    It is seen in post lockdown and as the businesses are starting their operations, most of the local authority and administrations are making it mandatory for them to register every detail of walk-in customers, employees, and other visitors.

    How to get Invoay eMonitor Application?

    You may have to enter the details in signup form to enable the process of Invoay eMonitor Once you enter the signup request for your business, you will get the signup details of Invoay eMonitor mobile application

    Are there any extra charges for Invoay eMonitor Application?

    Invoay eMonitor Application is Absolutely Free for all the existing users of Invoay Software. For new signup, connect with Invoay sales team.

    Is there any link with Aarogya-setu application?

    No, Invoay eMonitor is totally an independent application. There is no link with the Government of India supported Aarogya-setu mobile application

    Can I customize in Invoay eMonitor Application?

    Yes, there is certain input that can be customized by you. For any additional information, please connect the Invoay sales team.

    Who can use Invoay eMonitor Mobile Application?

    Invoay eMonitor Application is built to record the health vitals of your customers and employees at the time they enter your business premise. It can either be used by a security guard or otherwise your manager or you can designate a person attending your visiting customers.

    Does Invoay provide a device along with Invoay eMonitor application?

    You can use any of your existing mobile or tablet device available with you. Invoay provides only the Invoay eMonitor application.

    Can I use Invoay eMonitor Application without having Invoay Software?

    Usually, it is mandatory to have Invoay Software if you want to use Invoay eMonitor Application. For additional details, connect with the Invoay Sales team.

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