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Want Repetitive Customers? Behave like a Professional Brand

Want Repetitive Customers? Behave like a Professional Brand

If you find attracting customers is hard, holding onto them is even harder. In today’s multi-brand, multi-channel shopping environment, consumers are spoilt for choice and one bitter experience is all it takes for them to defect to your competitor (or often permanently).

Sometimes, just being an average experience is enough to leave customers sufficiently unimpressed – as the retail professional speaks about, customer loyalty may no longer exist. However, there is one area that flies in the face of today’s changeable, disloyal consumer, and that’s luxury. Premium brands are the masters of creating a brand culture that consumers want to follow; sometimes even if they can’t afford to buy into it.

Why is this? Because luxury is best at achieving what all owners are trying to do: putting the customer first.

More than any other sector, retail brands live or die on their customer experience, and this often has very little to do with the service and product itself. Of course, the services purchased must be of the utmost quality, but if a customer is making a significant investment, they want to feel part of an exclusive encounter from start to finish.

Increasingly, luxury brands are using digital engagement techniques to create this amazing, personalized customer experience. These include adding self-check-in and check-out, so that customers can interact with services or products showcased; using their own personal device to virtually visit the store online, allowing customers to ‘choose what is good for themselves’.

However, it’s not just service experience investment that underlines the any industry’s success. Where premium brands truly succeed in creating a customer-centric experience is by combining high quality customer service with digital capabilities. Not every store visitor wants to work out what suits them; many want service associates to still compliment and provide advice, perhaps to recommend a suitable match to turn a need into a requirement.

Although this cannot account for every personality trait or behavioral nuance, having a strong general grounding in how the average customer lives their life will ultimately help them to meet individual customer’ needs. Technology almost becomes the cherry on top of the cake at this point, as they can use interactive features to give customers an experience beyond the average store’s capabilities.

Quite simply, to build a customer-first brand, the customer has to be placed in the center of the business, and each encounter crafted carefully around their desires – using the various digital tools at customer disposal.

When you consider how painstakingly brands use these various tools to create an encounter unique to each customer, it’s easy to see why customer form an incredibly strong bond with their favorite luxury brand.Don’t let your clients miss out. Book a demo or Call +91-7982703982 and Email – [email protected] to learn more about the retail software used by more than 3,500+ stores, and make their experience even better!



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