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Best Salon & Spa Industry Advice

Best Salon & Spa Industry Advice

Profound words of advice can stick with you throughout your life and can affect your decision-making within your career. We reached out to professionals working in salons and spas and asked them to name the best piece of advice anyone in the industry has ever given them. Here are some of the more powerful and thought-provoking answers:

  • Treat the customer the way you would want to be treated.
  • Enjoy your work, love your clients with respect, and be honest.
  • No matter how hard a customer may be to handle, always remain calm and smile.
  • Work hard, believe in yourself and have self-confidence.
  • Patience is a virtue and a smile is priceless!
  • Take care of your own health so you have something to give to your clients.
  • Always pre-book your client, as it makes them feel important.
  • Part of what we do is talent, the other part is personality.
  • Enjoy each and every client for who they are.
  • Always remember that this may be your 20th haircut of the day, but it’s your clients’ first.
  • Treat every single client like she/he is important and engage in conversation, but always be intuitive enough to know when not to be too chatty.
  • Treat your fellow workers with respect and don’t criticize them. Someday you may need help or advice from them.
  • Never give up! Keep going, dream big, make goals, and find ways to meet your goals.
  • One or two or 10 mistakes don’t make you a bad hairdresser: giving up and giving in does.
  • Don’t cut your hair or touch it in beauty school or you will come out with short hair.
  • Not every stylist is everyone’s cup of tea. You are going to disappoint some people. No matter how close you get to what your clients want, there will be some that aren’t happy and you have to be okay with that.
  • Don’t make excuses when you make mistakes on clients. They aren’t stupid and if you’re honest, they will be more likely to stay with you that if you try to play it off like you didn’t screw up.
  • Never let them see you sweat.
  • Don’t give away your services.
  • Always educate yourself… The industry is always changing.
  • Just do what you think will work and not ask permission.
  • Raise your prices. Always charge what you are worth.
  • Pay attention to your scheduling. Have set hours and keep them. If the client takes their health, wellness and comfort seriously, they will adjust their schedule to make their table time a priority.
  • To learn everything that you can first-hand, directly from the source. Don’t rely on the accuracy of second-hand knowledge.
  • The busy bus is not going to pull up outside your door.
  • Be honest and never take advantage of a client.
  • No one can take education away from you. Stay current and be kind!
  • Always be open to learning new things.
  • Learn the rules and then break them!
  • The more you move salons, the more customers you will lose.
  • Try your best and move on…
  • Fake it until you make it!
  • Know that we’re important in people’s lives. We style them for their weddings and their baby’s first haircut. Clients trust us with their secrets… We are important!
  • You learn the most from your own mistakes.
  • If you do a good job they will tell a few people, but if you do a bad job, they will tell everyone!
  • Sometimes it’s not about the money but how you’ve improved someone’s world.

So, what’s the best advice you’ve ever received?



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