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October 2018

Profound words of advice can stick with you throughout your life and can affect your decision-making within your career. We reached out to professionals working in salons and spas and asked them to name the best piece of advice anyone in the industry has ever given them. Here are some of the more powerful and thought-provoking answers: Treat the customer the way you would want to be treated. Enjoy your work, love your clients with respect, and be honest. No matter how hard a customer may be to handle, always remain calm and smile. Work hard, believe in yourself and have self-confidence. Patience is a virtue and a smile is priceless! Take care of your own health so you have something to give to your

You may have started your salon business with just a few chairs operating and a hand-picked team. Between equipment, and product choices, employee training, client marketing, and all of the other details, salon software might have been the last thing on your mind. You have been managing without computers to book appointments and to ring clients up. No harm done, right? Or have you? It’s true that you can operate without software, and it may seem more convenient than buying a computer and learning how to use the program. Sometimes, the front desk staff pushes back against having to learn new technology, preferring a paper and pencil appointment book, white-out and all. However, salon software presents many advantages and efficiencies, both in daily operations and for management evaluation. If

Over the past few years, many salons have spoken about the rise of the ‘NearBuy and other deals site ’ client. A client who visits the salon when a low, cut-price deal is offered via an external discount site. This client will only visit when a deal is on, and sometimes will not be brand loyal, visiting different salons or spas based on who has the best-discounted deal. However, with the rise of the 'NearBuy and other deals site' client creeping higher each and every day, are discounts good or bad for business? Here, we look at the good vs the bad of offering salon discounts, and how this can affect the business both in a good and bad way. Salon discounts – great for business Higher

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