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Coronavirus – Covid19

Over the past few months, the hair and beauty industry has been through a rollercoaster of uncertainty with turnover falling by 40% due to the multiple closures during the pandemic. When the country first went into lockdown, salons and spas were forced to close their doors until their reopening was allowed after some months. This reopening saw the industry adapt to new ways of working that complied with social distancing measures and track-and-trace.As COVID-19 cases began to soar in another lockdown was introduced, causing businesses to close for a time again. Businesses may have to react quickly to a tier system and wave of local lockdowns, with salons may remain open with scattered hours.In this article, we’ll get you ready to reopen your business, plus salon

When your Salon and Spa is under Lockdown In the eventuality that your salon and spa is forced to close, it's important to communicate with your clients in a calm and reassuring way. Encourage those who had appointments to reschedule for a date in the future when you feel you will safely be open. Hi [Customer Name], As per government advice, [Salon Name] is closed till 14th April 2020. You can call us at and for your appointment  Hi [Customer Name], [Salon Name] is now closed until further notice. Please follow the government guidelines. We will update you on when we will be available to serve you for the services.  Hi [Customer Name], While [Salon Name] is closed, we are taking purchases of Prepaid Membership Wallet. You can buy

Personal interaction is critical to business operating into beauty and wellness. Because of this, all the owners, managers and staff may be worried about the impact that coronavirus COVID-19 could have on your business and looking to create a crisis plan. Please note that you’re not alone. Salons, spas, nails, makeup studios, and wellness clinics everywhere are making hard decisions on what to do considering the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve gathered up a few tips on what you may want to consider over the next few days and weeks.  1. Lean into pre-booking from your customers As most of the salon, spa, or wellness facility needs to close due to coronavirus, take the opportunity to encourage your loyal customers to prebook their next appointment for when you plan

Sterilization, disinfection, sanitation… exactly what do they all mean? And how should you practice them in your hair, beauty salon or nail spa?  In general, also your salon sanitation practices are extremely important to your hair or beauty salon. The main risk is cross-contamination – either from yourself or between clients. So, what do you need to do to ensure all your tools are properly disinfected and your salon is sanitary? Is dunking them in a jar of blue disinfectant enough? According to the professional, there are actually three simple steps you need to follow – Clean; Disinfect; Dry. It’s a common misconception that throwing your tools into a jar of blue disinfectant or barricade is all you need to do to. In fact, this is only one step in the

Whatever the type of beauty and hair business, every workplace must be a fully hygienic environment. This is extremely important in an establishment such as salon, spa, nail spa, makeup studios, eyelashes, waxing, skin and hair clinics that see so many different people passing through every day. On top of heavy footfall, working in a salon and spa environment also means that you and your team are exposed to many different clients and performing treatments everywhere from their hair and scalp to their fingernails and toenails, to their most intimate areas. With all of this in mind, as a salon and spa owner, it is imperative that excellent salon and spa hygiene and good housekeeping within your business is at the forefront of your mind, not

Salon, Spa, Hair, Beauty and Skin Clinics Business On account of the shutdown in India due to Coronavirus, the Government has extended various compliance due dates. The announcement for the extension was made by the Hon’ble Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman. Income Tax Due Date Extension FY18-19 last date for filing income tax return has been extended to 30th June 2020. For delayed income tax payment made till 30th June 2020, delayed payment on income tax will be reduced to 9% from 12%. No due date extension for TDS deposit, but delayed deposit of TDS – will attract only a reduced interest of 9% till 30th June 2020. The current rate for delayed deposit of TDS is 18%. Various other income tax due date extensions have been extended to

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