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SMS Templates CoronaVirus – COVID-19 for Salon and Spa

SMS Templates CoronaVirus – COVID-19 for Salon and Spa

When your Salon and Spa is under Lockdown

In the eventuality that your salon and spa is forced to close, it’s important to communicate with your clients in a calm and reassuring way. Encourage those who had appointments to reschedule for a date in the future when you feel you will safely be open.

Hi [Customer Name], As per government advice, [Salon Name] is closed till 14th April 2020. You can call us at and for your appointment 

Hi [Customer Name], [Salon Name] is now closed until further notice. Please follow the government guidelines. We will update you on when we will be available to serve you for the services. 

Hi [Customer Name], While [Salon Name] is closed, we are taking purchases of Prepaid Membership Wallet. You can buy before the Lockdown gets over. To know more Call, us on [number here] to buy.

When Lockdown will get open 

When your salon and spa get open, you should try to encourage nervous clients to book and visit instead of postponing their appointments and visits to ensure the future health of your business

Hi [Customer Name], we are open and available for appointments and have taken extra measures to make the salon a safe space. You can make book your appointment visit at 

Hi [Customer Name], if you are choosing social distancing, we fully support you. You can easily schedule your appointment. Call us at

Hi [Customer Name], As the Coronavirus situation changes after the lockdown, we urge you to pre-book your appointment with ease. Call us at

Assuring to your Customer for their Safety

While your salon and spa works after the lockdown, you should try to assure your client to visit while you are maintaining all precautions and standards of hygiene 

Hi [Customer Name], While your favorite salon [Salon Name]  has started taking the services, we want to reassure you that we are maintaining all hygiene standards as per the government guidelines. We assure you a safe visit at  [Salon Name]

Hi [Customer Name], We have started taking services from 15th April. For the health and safety of our customers, we are following all the hygiene standards to prevent their wellbeing. 

Hi [Customer Name], We are opening and taking services from 15th April. We are committed for your wellbeing and assure you complete hygiene while you visit at  [Salon Name]

For any additional assistance in setting your communication for your customer, you can drop in your details with us. 


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