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Meet the #1 Software for Salons and Spas

Discover the ultimate solution for your salon or spa with Invoay! Our simple, flexible, and powerful POS software is not only comprehensive but also completely FREE!

Invoay goes above and beyond, offering all the features you need to manage your business efficiently, all in one convenient platform.

  • From appointment scheduling and online booking to billing, marketing, customer management, employee coordination, inventory control, and more, Invoay has got you covered.customer management, employee management, inventory and more
  • Say goodbye to waiting chaos for walk-in customers with our online check-in and waitlist management feature.sAutomate your marketing, send emails & texts
  • Revolutionize your marketing efforts with automated emails and texts
  • Effortlessly manage chains with multiple centers.
  • Uncover insights with custom reporting and analytics.
  • Streamline your inventory with warehouse management for transfers.

Join the league of 3,500+ satisfied clients across India and worldwide who trust Invoay to enhance their salon and spa operations.

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It’s never been as easy to run and grow your salon business.

    Invoay ensures your business is a success

    At Invoay, we offer comprehensive software solutions that adapt, scale, and cater to your unique needs. Our mission is to simplify your tasks and elevate your client experience. Explore some of our standout features below:

    Connects with your clients using automated marketing, or select from thousands of combinations with custom marketing.

    Data and graphs from total summary, productivity, occupancy, service, end of day or choose from 1 of over 100 other reports.

    Calculates CGST, SGST and IGST , manages GST and wages, prepares profit and loss reports, petty cash and much more.

    Our complete POS takes care of offline to online billing or CRM, updates stock records, pre-paid cards, tracks gift cards and service packages.

    The easiest appointment book to use, easily make or change client appointments. Online booking allows clients to book 24/7.

    Tracks your clients visit, service and retail history with the integrated client cards, notes, reward points, VIP status, CRM and more.

    Create and update services, pre-paid, wallet, packages, membership, loyalty, integrates with our appointment book and point of sale. Delivers a big range of reports.

    Manages all of your stock needs from ordering to receiving, salon use, allows you to create orders within your budget, and more.

    Set access permissions, create schedules, manage commission rates, payroll, & assign appointments. Invoay gives you the power to manage your employees on the go.

    Multiple locations quickly, seamlessly, & cost-effectively. Switch between multiple locations with ease & maintain complete control of every business location.

    Customisable Stores apps to give your business more visibility and allow your clients to reach and connect with you easily or billed manager app to track billing, CRM and marking.

    Pin or password, customise the level of security to suit your salon needs. Back up your data safely and securely to our cloud server.

    Everything You Need To Grow Your Business

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