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Marg Software vs Invoay Software

5 Reasons why Invoay Software is the best alternative to Marg Software

Your search for a Marg Software alternative ends here.

Easier Management, More Affordable and Configurable as per your Business Needs

 Software is an investment for your business. When you pick the right one! It is the access point of the most important processes of your business – Billing, managing GST, customer management, inventory, managing purchase, appointments, client retention, generating referrals, sales, product management, loyalty program, SMS, employee attendance and great marketing that gets people back more often and spending more.

 At Invoay software, we want to be honest and transparent. Knowing that business software application is such a big commitment, it is vital that we don’t hide anything from you at this important consideration stage. That is why we wanted to show you a thorough comparison and alternative of Marg Software and difference with some of the closest competitors including Marg Software and show you where Invoay Software become alternative software for your business, and in some cases honestly show you where we might provide a benefit with important feature or service. 

Faster POS Billing- Touch POS

Touch Invoay POS is more comfortable to operate and easy to learn to compare to Marg software. It can be operated easily on the Touch POS machine or on a normal system. Multiple tabs are easy to access in Invoay Software then in Marg Software. With minimum training, it is very easy to use Invoay POS the billing counter without any interruption in guest experience.

Invoay Software is Easier to Manage for Multiple Location than Marg Software

Marg software may work for a single location. Invoay Software has a data sync feature that provides access to all the vital business information to the owner and business management on the web. With Invoay management of the business can access any information anywhere and from any time. This facility is not available in Marg Software and they charge extra for this.

Moreover, there is no integrated feedback, referral and employee management module available in Marg software. Invoay software provides more detailed features and benefits comparing to Marg Software.

Invoay Back Office and Invoay Pocket Mobile Application for Business Owner

Invoay provides Invoay Pocket mobile application for the owner. Simply for a business owner, it is necessary to get updated information on daily business activity including sales, billing, appointment, employee attendance, inventory on the move. Marg doesn’t provide any mobile application for the owner. This facility is only available with Invoay.

Also, Invoay back-office gives more extensive options to add into an item, service, packages, membership, etc. and in a simpler do-it-yourself portal whereas in Marg there is the limitation as it doesn’t provide any web access. Invoay POS provided all the options required at POS screen only whereas in Marg software for each option one needs to access different links and options thus making it more complex comparing to Invoay Software.

Invoay works practically as your Business works

In Marg Software, one needs to do many clicks even making quick billing while in Invoay POS its only 3 clicks and billing did because it follows the more practical way of working. Options like Guest history, Job-Slips, Package/Membership sales and redemption, managing expenses, etc. are comparatively much easier to access and operate.

Invoay reporting is more Extensive and configurable then Marg Software

Invoay Back office gives the owner more flexibility to analyze their business by slicing and dicing the data with multiple filtering on columns and configuring the report as per them. When it comes to multicentre, Invoay gives you comparatively easy to access option to drill the center wise numbers and performance.


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