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Invoay – Comprehensive Salon & Spa Management Software in Kolkata

Invoay is the ultimate all-in-one management software designed specifically for beauty salons, barbershops, day spas, and medi spas in Kolkata. Our software streamlines your operations, from sales register functions to appointment scheduling and inventory management. Stay on top of expiring and perishable products, ensuring no wastage or customer dissatisfaction. Cater to corporate clients with ease, offering bulk benefits and discounts. Our POS system handles both service items and saleable products seamlessly. Whether you’re managing a yoga/fitness center or handling complex commission structures, Invoay’s ERP has you covered. Experience the power of Invoay for your salon and spa business in Kolkata.

Transform Your Salon Operations with Invoay’s Appointment Management Software

Efficiently handle client appointments and bookings with our user-friendly salon appointment software. Never worry about double bookings again as calls and texts can be easily managed and added to your schedule. Online bookings seamlessly integrate with your calendar, ensuring a smooth workflow. Customize your salon appointment book using our visual templates to create a perfect system that suits your needs, stylists, and front desk.

Key Features:

  • Touch Screen Appointment Module
  • Spa Room Booking Module
  • Easy and accurate scheduling for all operators
  • Automatic detection of available time slots
  • Ability to book standing appointments
  • Track prebook appointments and add-ons automatically
  • Check room availability and manage resources
  • Efficiently track client check-in and check-out
  • Book multiple services and packages
  • Send appointment confirmations and reminders via SMS

Elevate your salon’s appointment management with Invoay’s comprehensive software solution. Streamline your operations and provide a seamless experience for your clients and staff.

Efficient and Reliable Point of Sale (POS) Solutions for Your Salon & Spa

Experience the power of Invoay’s POS system, which can seamlessly transform your computer into a fully functional sales register. With our salon and spa management software, you can effortlessly itemize every sales ticket, generate detailed sales reports, and easily balance your end-of-day receipts in a fraction of the time.

Key Features:

  1. Touch Screen Functionality: Enjoy the convenience and ease of using a touch screen interface for smooth and efficient sales transactions.
  2. GST Invoice Generation: Instantly generate accurate GST invoices for each sales transaction, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.
  3. Online-Offline Billing: Our POS system provides seamless online and offline billing capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted service even during connectivity issues.
  4. Real-time Inventory Management: Automatically update your inventory with each sale, ensuring accurate stock levels and preventing overselling.
  5. Cash Drawer Management: Effortlessly balance your cash drawer with automated calculations, reducing errors and saving valuable time.
  6. Add-On Service Sales Tracking: Keep track of add-on service sales to better understand customer preferences and maximize revenue opportunities.
  7. Operator Sales Tracking: Monitor and track each operator’s sales performance to evaluate productivity and incentivize high-performing staff.
  8. Flexible Payment Options: Handle various payment scenarios, including paid-outs, refunds, and discounts, to provide a seamless customer experience.
  9. Series, Retail, and Service Combinations: Easily manage and process sales for series packages, retail products, and service combinations, streamlining your operations.

With Invoay’s comprehensive POS system, you can streamline your sales processes, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall customer experience. Simplify your salon and spa management with our reliable and feature-rich solution.


Efficient Inventory Management for Your Salon & Spa Business

Invoay’s Salon & Spa Management software provides robust inventory control features to help you effectively manage your products and streamline your business operations. With our inventory management system, you can easily track sales for every product in your inventory, simplify the re-ordering process, and maintain accurate product counts.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Product Tracking: Record and track the activity of all retail and chemical products in your inventory. Gain valuable insights into product performance, sales trends, and profitability.
  2. Reorder Alerts: Stay on top of your inventory levels with automated reorder alerts. Receive notifications when it’s time to restock your products, ensuring you never run out of popular items.
  3. Barcoding and Price Labels: Generate barcodes and price labels for your products, making it easier to scan and sell items at the point of sale. Streamline the checkout process and improve efficiency.
  4. Sales Analysis: Analyze all sales data to identify best-selling products, determine profit potential, and make informed decisions about your inventory. Optimize your product offerings for maximum profitability.
  5. Inventory Reports: Generate comprehensive inventory reports that provide detailed insights into stock levels, product movement, and sales history. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your inventory management strategies.

Efficient inventory control is crucial for maintaining optimal stock levels, minimizing wastage, and maximizing profitability. Invoay’s inventory management capabilities empower you to streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions to drive your business forward.

Efficient Marketing Management for Your Salon & Spa Business

Invoay’s Salon & Spa Management software offers powerful marketing management features to help you nurture and grow your client base. With our comprehensive marketing tools, you can effectively communicate with your clients, offer business-building promotions, and enhance customer relationships.

Key Features:

  1. Client Relationship Management (CRM): Keep track of important client details, including birthdays and special events. Invoay’s system reminds you of client birthdays, allowing you to send personalized greetings and make clients feel valued.
  2. WhatsApp Marketing: Leverage the power of WhatsApp marketing to stay connected with your clients. Send targeted emails for marketing purposes, such as promoting special offers, new services, or exclusive discounts.
  3. Client Segmentation: Generate client lists based on selected categories, such as new clients, loyal customers, or those who haven’t visited in a while. Tailor your marketing campaigns to specific client segments to increase engagement and response rates.
  4. Bulk Email and SMS: Invoay’s system provides an inbuilt facility for bulk email and bulk SMS, allowing you to efficiently reach out to your existing customers with new schemes, product launches, or special offers.
  5. Promotional Campaigns: Create and manage business-building promotions to incentivize your best clients and attract new ones. Offer exclusive discounts, referral bonuses, or loyalty rewards to encourage repeat business and customer referrals.

Effective marketing management is essential for nurturing client relationships, increasing customer retention, and driving business growth. Invoay’s marketing tools empower you to engage with your clients, deliver targeted promotions, and build long-term loyalty.

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Efficient Employee Management for Your Salon & Spa Business

Invoay’s Salon & Spa Payroll module offers comprehensive features to streamline your employee management processes. Whether you use it as an integrated part of our management software or as a stand-alone product, our payroll solution ensures accurate and efficient payroll processing for your employees.

Key Features:

  1. Commission Management: Invoay’s Payroll module handles retail and service sliding scale commissions, making it easy to calculate and track employee commissions based on your specific commission structures.
  2. Employee Roster: Maintain an organized employee roster with essential details such as employee names, contact information, and assigned schedules. This feature helps you manage employee shifts and plan staffing effectively.
  3. Employee Salaries: Keep track of employee salaries and easily generate payroll checks for accurate and timely salary payments. Our payroll system ensures proper calculation and handling of employee wages.
  4. Incentive Calculations: Invoay’s Payroll module allows you to set up and calculate incentives for your employees based on various performance metrics. Reward your staff for meeting targets and achieving exceptional results.
  5. Employee Skill Set: Maintain a record of your employees’ skill sets, certifications, and training history. This information helps you assign appropriate tasks and ensure optimal utilization of their talents.
  6. Payroll Check Printing: Print payroll checks directly from the system, eliminating the need for manual check writing. This feature saves time and ensures professionalism in payroll management.

Invoay’s Salon & Spa Payroll module simplifies your employee management processes, ensuring accurate payroll calculations, efficient commission management, and streamlined record-keeping. By automating these tasks, you can focus on growing your business and providing an excellent salon and spa experience for your clients.

Efficient Customer Management for Your Salon & Spa Business

Invoay’s Salon & Spa Management software offers robust features to help you effectively manage and understand your clients. By utilizing our customer management tools, you can build stronger relationships, personalize services, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Key Features:

  1. Client Contact Information: Invoay’s software allows you to store and manage essential client contact details, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more. Having this information readily available enables easy communication and efficient appointment scheduling.
  2. Service, Retail, and Appointment History: The system automatically maintains a comprehensive history of your clients’ past services, retail purchases, and appointments. This feature helps you track their preferences, tailor your services, and provide personalized recommendations.
  3. Client Notes: Invoay’s software allows you to record important notes and details about each client. Whether it’s specific preferences, allergies, or any other relevant information, having these notes readily accessible ensures a personalized and memorable experience for your clients.
  4. Account Charges Tracking: With Invoay, you can automatically track account charges for clients, simplifying the billing process and ensuring accurate record-keeping. This feature enables you to manage credit balances, outstanding payments, and overall client account management.
  5. Identification Options: Invoay offers various identification options to quickly identify clients, such as phone numbers, client IDs, or any other unique identifiers you prefer. This helps streamline the check-in process and provides a seamless experience for both your staff and clients.

By utilizing Invoay’s customer management tools, you can gain valuable insights into your clients’ preferences, behavior, and purchasing patterns. This allows you to provide personalized services, targeted marketing campaigns, and exceptional customer experiences that keep your clients coming back.


Efficient GST Accounting Solutions for Your Business

With the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India, managing your business’s tax obligations has become more streamlined and simplified. Invoay offers comprehensive GST accounting features to ensure seamless compliance with GST regulations and simplify your tax-related tasks.

Key Features:

  1. GST Invoicing: Generate GST-compliant invoices easily with Invoay’s software. It automates the calculation of GST based on the applicable rates, allowing you to generate accurate and professional invoices for your products or services.
  2. HSN/SAC Code Mapping: Invoay enables you to map your products or services to the appropriate Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) or Services Accounting Code (SAC). This simplifies the process of categorizing your offerings and ensures accurate tax calculations.
  3. Auto Reconciliation from GSTN: Invoay’s software can automatically reconcile your GST data with the GST Network (GSTN) portal. This feature helps you ensure that your GST filings are accurate and saves you time by eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  4. GST Computation: Invoay’s software performs GST computations for your business transactions, including purchases, sales, and expenses. It accurately calculates the GST amount, making it easier for you to track and manage your tax liabilities.
  5. GST Challan Generation and Payment: Generate GST challans directly from Invoay’s software and make timely GST payments. This feature helps you stay compliant with GST regulations and avoid penalties.
  6. GST Filing: Invoay simplifies the process of filing your GST returns. It generates the necessary reports and provides you with a consolidated view of your GST transactions, making the filing process efficient and error-free.
  7. Free e-learning: Invoay offers free e-learning resources to help you understand and navigate the complexities of GST. These resources provide insights into GST concepts, regulations, and best practices to support your business’s compliance efforts.

By utilizing Invoay’s GST accounting features, you can streamline your tax management processes, reduce errors, and ensure compliance with GST regulations. Focus on growing your business while Invoay takes care of your GST accounting needs.

Efficient Warehouse Management with Invoay

Invoay offers comprehensive warehouse management features to streamline your inventory operations and optimize your supply chain. With our software, you can effectively manage your stock levels, automate special or auto indents, and classify products for efficient put-away and flow-through processes.

Special/Auto Indent: Invoay’s warehouse management module allows you to easily create special or auto indents. Whether you need to request specific items for a project or automate the replenishment of certain products, our software simplifies the indent process, ensuring timely fulfillment of your inventory needs.

Store-Specific Stock Levels: Invoay enables you to set and manage store-specific stock levels. You can define optimal stock quantities for each location based on demand and ensure that your stores have sufficient inventory to meet customer demands. By maintaining accurate stock levels, you can avoid stockouts and improve customer satisfaction.

Put-Away/Flow Through Classifications: Invoay’s warehouse management system provides flexible options for classifying products based on their put-away and flow-through requirements. You can define specific rules and criteria for organizing and storing products in your warehouse, optimizing space utilization and facilitating efficient order fulfillment.

By leveraging Invoay’s warehouse management features, you can streamline your inventory operations, improve order accuracy, and enhance overall warehouse efficiency. Our software empowers you to maintain optimal stock levels, automate indent processes, and classify products effectively, enabling smooth warehouse operations and a seamless supply chain.


Efficient Chain & Franchisee Outlet Management with Invoay

Retail Industry is mostly franchisee oriented, the franchisee needs the commission in today’s volatile business , some time in commission format, some time MG(Minimum Guarantee) or which ever is higher. Master Franchisee who manages a group of franchisee need the commission calculated . The challenge is very complex to calculate MG or Commission ,may be category based , may be different for different discounted stocks or articles.

The documentation and due diligent documents need to kept and moves through the process of authorization by senior or even if the higher management. The hassle-free document management module handle the challenge.

  • Multi-user multi-location operations
  • Common/independent customer
  • Integrated ERP from POS to FA
  • Rates associated with specific
  • regions/stores
  • Raw materials and ingredient inventory visibility
  • End-to-end tracking and traceability
  • Warehouse and distribution management
  • Warehouse and distribution management
  • Auto backup (Incremental / full backup)
  • Session begins and session end
  • Task level User security configuration
  • Blind session close
  • Separate returns counter
  • Design reports at Head office and view at POS

Web Design and Customer App

Everything we do revolves around growing businesses by developing solid partnerships with Individual Beauty Industry Service Providers and Business Owners. We believe for our organization to successfully grasp the unique demands of the industry we operate in, we must constantly immerse ourselves in their environment, listen attentively, and never cease to grow. We believe that together, what we learn from the industry we operate within combined with our thorough understanding, expertise, and practical application of effective up-to-the-minute technology; we can positively impact and elevate the entire industry one business and one service provider at a time.

Other Modules

Protect your data against misuse and malicious interruptions with Salon & Spa Management. Multi-user security requires each user to log-on with a secure password. Once logged on, restrictions can be implemented to prevent access to sensitive information.

  • Automatically backs up data to disk
  • Franchisee Operations Module
  • Operates simply and quickly
  • Includes clearly demonstrated manuals
  • Provides reports for service and retail sales, back bar usage, sales tax, inventory, appointments and general statistics
  • Provides individual user-defined access and security features
  • Accounts receivable and payables
  • Financial Accounting Module
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Task Management ModulesWhy are you have integrated INVOAY – Salon and Spa with Tally.ERP 9 while you already have an integrated financial accounting?

Most of the auditors and business are already using the Tally.ERP for accounting, inventory and statutory reports. We offer export data to Tally.ERP 9 as a convenience to those who want to use it for accounting, statutory reports, and payroll and audit purpose.

Do I need Tally.ERP for my accounting purposes?

Not really. Invoay POS Software has all the features you need to do sales, inventory control, customer database, invoicing and purchase orders.



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