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Salon and Spa Software Free Trials are Good or Bad for a Business?

Salon and Spa Software Free Trials are Good or Bad for a Business?

Software free trials may be one of the most misunderstood concepts by a serious salon and spa business owner. Maybe it’s because most salon software products provide one, so should you to take software for trial! However, be careful to avoid the main issues that relates with free salon software trials.

What is a Free Salon and Spa Software Trials for your business?

A Free software trial allows your salon and spa business users to use the software product for free, during a limited period. The question is why should users benefit from the service for free? Companies providing salon and spa software offer free trials, and they see varying success rates. You have to think and decide whether is it the best for your business or your team?

Does Free Salon and Spa Software Trials gives Results in a Reasonable Period of Time

The only purpose of offering a free trial for a salon software is to remove the risk barrier for your salon and spa business, right?

Now, think about it. Salon software companies offer free trials to show their prospective customers the value they’ll get if they decide to buy the product – they just want to alleviate all doubts and help their users make an informed decision. That’s it.

If the software free trial doesn’t show the value within a reasonable time frame, a free trial simply makes no sense.

For example, if you or any other user needs to gather accurate data to measure the value of that free salon software, and if you can’t get such data within the trial period, then that trial is worthless.

Also, it could be that you need to contribute sensitive data to their system to evaluate it properly. In this case, the free trial won’t be helpful either.

In both examples, the free trial period of salon software is simply not enough for you to evaluate the overall value for your salon and spa business.

Now you might be thinking: “Why not just to take the extension on the duration free trial of salon and spa software?”

Fair question. For some software companies, they might be offering you a salon software free to use. But the truth is there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It all depends on what are your current business challenges, your processes, how the salon and spa software that you are choosing will contribute in your business. Overall, this is difficult to analyze in a free trial period.   

Also free trials actually never gives you exposure to all the offerings such as

  • Limited features and functionalities
  • Usage limits and an inability to adequately scale
  • A lack of training and support resources
  • Greater potential security risks

What actually a Salon and Spa Software intent to do for your beauty and wellness business?

An actual all in one salon software requires a decent learning curve that your business and your team need to speed up and see the overall value in solution. This takes time and resources. With free salon and spa software trials, your team will be working the trial.

Even if it free salon software there are overhead costs for every company, and they also see you as opportunity costs. Many of the companies providing free salon software trials doesn’t have capacity to actually handle the support process after the free trials convert to the paid. You may be going to experience lags as a result when you actually start using the software for your salon and spa business.

Is it actually solving your salon and spa business problem?

For some reason, many people tend to equate that companies providing salon and spa software should give free trials.

It’s true that few of the salon and spa software companies  have free trial business model, but it doesn’t imply that everyone should use it. That’s just silly. Every single salon and spa business is different, and the same strategy never fits all. Force fitting a free salon software trial system in your business can be dangerous.

What is the solution?

When you take a salon and spa software free trial, you are attempting learning how to use your product. You might have to think the way it has been designed. In case the software is too complicated, a free salon software trial will probably not work for you. Why? Two main reasons:

  1. Without training any enterprise-level salon and spa software tends to intimidate users, making free trials generally ineffective.
  2. If you have complicated business processes you will be able to succeed in choosing the right software for your salon and spa business after the deep consultation with the software solution provider.

Some recommendations include:

  • Sandbox demo – letting you and your team try salon software solution in a controlled environment. This might increase the effectiveness of the demo given by the software provider.
  • An explainer video – Explainer videos are proven to work extremely well for businesses looking for a right fit of salon and spa software for their business– a clear video is enough to explain the benefit.
  • Money-back guarantees – If you are in favor that a free trial model doesn’t fit your business, you may look for the offer of money-back guarantee provided by a salon and spa software company to cut the risk involved in the purchase.
  • No-obligation contracts – If you don’t get what you expect from your salon and spa software, you can get into contract with the salon software provider to end the relationship without any problem. This reduces the risk of any data leakages and gives you peace of mind.

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