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To succeed in the competitive salon and spa industry, you’ll need a firm grip on the finances. One of the major reasons why salon and spa go out of business is badly managed accounts. With transactions going through on a daily basis and razor-thin margins, it’s important to manage cash flow well and keep an eye on inventory, costs, and revenue.

So, it’s wise to think about salon accounting software before you open your salon and spa. Salon and spas do lots of their business outside conventional working hours. Lunchtimes, evenings, weekends and holidays are busy periods for most of the salon and spa. This influences the overall management of their accounts. You’ll need an industry solution that can handle:

Most salon and spa receive money from clients in different ways. Some pay with cash, others with credit or debit cards or e-wallets like Paytm or Google Pay, etc. A good POS (Point of Sale) system for salon and spa will handle these payments and connect with the accounting software. That will help businesses to update cash flow predictions daily, weekly and monthly. And it will make life easier for the owner of the salon and spa.

It’s not always practical to create an invoice for every services or product in the accounting software. So how do you a salon and spa business will process all the payments they receive in a day? They could:

– Create daily sales invoices, then receive the money into a cash control bank account

– Import all sales transaction data into the accounting software to record all the day’s takings in one go

– Create a sales invoice for the day’s takings – then split the amount into separate petty cash and credit/debit card accounts.

Other options are available. Talk to a chartered accountant or accountant to find out which one best suit your business.

Account for all receipts of a salon and spa

A salon and spa business will have regular suppliers who bill you in the usual way. But sometimes you could still run short of professional products. For example, imagine you get an unexpected booking for 10 people and they all order the same service. That could exhaust your supplies of specific products for the day.

Enterprising salon and spa owners have local networks of immediate suppliers for situations like this. They might use trade suppliers or local supermarkets.

Ensure you make a record of everything you buy. That includes those extra bottles of shampoos or oils to make additional service counts. Process every receipt, so you’re not out of pocket when it’s time to offset your expenses against tax.

Get the right salon and spa accounting software and watch your business flourish

Not just surviving but thriving in the salon and spa business is tough – and like any other business, it all comes down to the numbers. Having the right salon and spa accounting software means you’ll understand how those numbers affect the bottom line.

From revenue to payroll, and from inventory to expenses, having a great salon and spa management software system matters. Before you even open your new salon and spa, it’s sensible to have a plan for your accounting system in place. Used wisely, it will help you manage and grow your salon and spa business.

This article provides the essential tips and tricks for choosing the right salon and spa franchise management software for your salon and spa business based on your budget and business requirements. Let’s start by defining what salon and spa franchise management software is and how it’s necessary for your salon and spa business.

Are you already using accounts management software for your salon and spa? Leave a comment below and Book a demo or Call +91-7982703982 or Email – [email protected] to learn more about the salon software used by more than 3,000 Indian salons and spas and make their salon experience even better!



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