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Setting Goals For Your Salon in India

Setting Goals For Your Salon in India

Setting both short and long-term goals is a fantastic way to keep you and your team motivated to achieve more. Completing a series of goals, such as posting on social media once a week, can help you build good practices within the salon and maintain them

Setting goals for the future can be key to encouraging a salon to develop, whether the goal is to increase your revenue by a certain amount or to redecorate the salon to breathe new life into the business. By setting a goal and then planning out what actions and changes you need to take to achieve it (in small manageable steps of course) you can find it much easier to achieve your goal. When it comes to setting goals and objectives for the salon it is often best to start with something small that you are confident you will be able to achieve. Once you have celebrated the completion of this goal, you can set another, and so on.

Goals are not only a great way for you to improve your salon; setting goals for your stylists using salon software for managing your team can help your stylists to improve and expand their client base. Organising weekly team meetings can be a good initial goal, as from there you can discuss overall goals for your salon and how your team can help you to work towards them.


Sometimes when we feel stuck in a rut, setting a goal and figuring out how to achieve it can give us a boost in motivation. Writing down what you want to achieve and the three steps you are going to take within the salon is a fantastic way to start. SMART is a guide to setting goals and then achieving them; following this guide will help you ensure that you do not bite off more than you can chew. 

Specific – If your target goal is too wide, such as improving your digital marketing, you may end up making a lot of changes that have little effect. Posting once on Instagram and once on Facebook each week is a more specific goal that can be sustained over time. 

Measurable – Make sure you have measurable data that shows how you are progressing with your goal. Being able to track your improvement over time is a great boost, and is invaluable in considering how your objective is helping your salon grow as a whole. 

Achievable – Creating goals that are achievable in your day-to-day life is a fantastic way to remain motivated and to help you to fit new roles into your day. However, while aiming high is good when considering your goals, if your goal is not achievable with the time and resources you have it can become demoralising. 

Realistic – To help you stay on target, ensure that you set goals that are realistic with the resources that you have. A team meeting every week sounds like a fantastic idea – but if your team is very busy then a monthly meeting may work better for your salon. 

Target orientated – When setting out a goal for your salon or salon team, try to make sure that there is a solid target you want to reach. An increase in the number of followers on social media or a concrete target for new clients for a certain month is good examples.


When it comes to setting goals and objectives, the key to achieving them is keeping up your consistency. Making a series of big changes to what your team is doing within the salon without considering the amount of time the changes will take or if they are sustainable in the long term can mean the goal is not completed. Setting goals, such as maintaining the cleanliness of the salon to a higher degree, can be completed with more consistency if you start with smaller changes to the routine, such as setting up a cleaning rota for your team. Having a chart which lets everyone know what they are supposed to do and when, will help your team organise to fit the schedule.

Many of us have all the tools we need to create a solid digital marketing campaign or to refurbish the salon décor, but finding the time we need to set up and maintain these changes can be the most difficult thing to achieve. As a salon owner, your time is valuable; you have not only to manage the salon and your team but also find time for marketing, managing your finances, organising team meetings and so much more. To make sure you can complete your objectives, setting aside a free hour each week to work towards your goals can make a huge difference. Maybe call if your hour of power.

Having a team calendar with reminders about any salon changes, booked appointments and extra duties saved on their phones can be an excellent way to help your team manage their time. Good time management will allow you to see if there is any room to utilsie your team better or if these goals will have to wait for a less hectic time.

Know Your Numbers 

For your salon to remain a viable business, your salon has to be profitable. This means that the amount of revenue you bring in with your retail and treatments must be more than your output, while maintaining the salon with expenses such as rent, wages, and products. Keeping track of what you are spending, and when, is crucial when you are running a salon; it allows you to keep an eye on any extra expenditures and make sure you stay on track.

Your rent should generally account for 10% of your income, so if your salon rent is £20,000 then you should be earning £200,000 from your salon in total. Your team’s wages should end up at 50%, and any consumables such as hair colour at 7%, to maintain a solid business. Keeping track of your expenditures and revenue is essential to ensuring your business is well managed.

KPI’s or key performance indicators are also crucial for you to monitor in order to maintain your salons growth. Keeping an eye on your KPI’s can give you a good idea of what is going well in your salon and what your next goals should be in order to improve.

Price Tiers 

Many salons have multiple price tiers for their treatments, depending on the team member who is completing the client’s treatments. These tiers are generally based on the experience of each stylist is and how utilised they are with appointments; clients will be charged more for services from stylists who are more experienced. A wide range of prices means that your clients will be able to choose a stylist who offers a price range which suits them, as well as enabling your salon to appeal to a wider range of potential clients.

Gaining a higher price point and seniority within the team can act as an objective for your stylists. Using the salon team management software, you can help your stylists to monitor their progress and see how far they need to go to achieve their goals. This can be an excellent talking point for team meetings and discussions too, as you can consider as a team what each of your stylists can do as an individual to improve, and what they are already doing well.

If you are interested in using Invoay’s software to help you reach your salon goals and objectives, then please contact us here. We would be delighted to discuss what our software can do for you.



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