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What to consider when changing the software of your salon

What to consider when changing the software of your salon

Are you looking to switch to a salon and spa management software that actually works the way you do?

If you run a hair and beauty salon, spa, or any other wellness business, it is the perfect time for changing salon software so you can set yourself up for success. The field of contenders is large though, and it can be tough to narrow down which is the best salon software for your business.

It all starts with asking the right questions.

Questions to ask when switching salon software

Before you go looking at any salon software, start by analyzing your actual business needs to figure out what features and functional benefits will be the most valuable to you. Make a list of ‘must to have’ and ‘good to have’, so you know what to look for.

For example, some solutions only do simple appointment management, while others are having hundreds of features you won’t use (but will still pay for). Most salons, spas, and wellness clinics need something in the middle that combines complete customer management with simple, yet powerful, business tools like membership ecosystem and analytics integrations.

Once you have an idea of what you need, use these six questions to assess the best salon software for your business.

  1. How easy is your new salon software to learn?

Just because it’s time to change your salon software doesn’t mean you have hours of free time to learn a new salon software system or teach it to your staff. Look for a solution that has an easy and simple user interface.


  • Use point of sales billing.
  • Job card print.
  • Guests check-in and check-out.
  • Add client details and manage appointments.
  • Build a client profile and history.
  • Manage staff members work and daily incentive.
  • Track in-salon or consumable inventory.
  • Referral and feedback management

Does the solution give you easy access to manage client preference on colour, stylist etc? Do check if it allows you to track client outstanding, tracking multiple packages and memberships.

  1. How easy is it for your clients to use?

Look for a salon software that makes it as simple as possible for your clients to give reference to their family and friends and help you pulling new clientele to your business. The best salon software solutions allow clients to give feedback and reviews about your business whenever they feel comfortable.

Automatic reminders on their next service are also incredibly convenient features to let your client know their due service— especially when the software that lets you send scheduled follow up messages in order to stay in touch and build relationships with your customers.

  1. How much it should cost?

Salon software pricing structures are all over the board, and it can be little difficult to find a solution that doesn’t have hidden costs or extra charges like set-up fees, data migration fees, or even fees to add an extra employee. Plus, some salon software solutions require you to sign a long-term contract.

Look for a salon software solution that offers a simple, straightforward pricing structure based on the features and functions that you want to use.

Remember, the best salon software solution won’t make you get through their terms of service for hidden fees! And many solutions offer a reducing next year renewal fees so you can use and take benefit out of it year on year by paying just the maintenance fees.

  1. How, and where, do you work?

It’s 2019, and wellness businesses are going digital and becoming more innovative. Bring your salon software into the future by choosing a software solution that enables you to track your vital business information from anywhere you are.

An offline-online salon software where the billing application remains internet independent and back office management login on web lets you stay on top of your business on the go. For even more flexibility, look for a solution that integrates your payroll and have dynamic reporting structure.

You may worry about cloud software not working if the internet goes down. That’s a fair assessment, and it can be resolved by having a solution that works with seamless performance even when there is fluctuating or no internet. However, with automated data syncing to its cloud application enable you to manage your business from anywhere, phone, tablet, or desktop. So, there is no risk having all your information on one machine.

  1. How secure is your business information?

Your salon business succeeds in building trust with your clients — make sure your new salon software is designed to keep their private data safe!


  • Secure platform: Meets the highest standards of securing your client information.
  • Access control: Lets you assign different levels of access to your staff so that they can see whatever information as they need.
  • Data backup: Automatically backs up data in a secure drive locally in your system as well as stores remotely, so you don’t lose everything even in case your system got damaged.

Be careful — some solutions can have weird terms and conditions around data use and privacy. You want to be sure the solution’s terms and conditions are crystal clear about how they’ll use your customer data. Check that they specifically don’t claim any rights over the content and data you upload to their platform.

  1. Does it provide you with all of your software needs?

How well will the new salon software help you in solving your technology needs? You want a system that offers an end-to-end solution which include managing staff attendance with biometrics, their incentive and payroll calculations, client registration, check-in and feedback etc. It also needs to provide your platform for marketing and promotion of your business online and through the mobile application.

You may want some other software solution to integrate with like your accounting software or your IVR or central call or lead management applications.

Always Look for awesome customer service

Taking your data and setting up new salon software can be a challenge. Finding a solution that offers easy and quick to access after sales service at no extra cost is a must.

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