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Are you looking to switch to a salon and spa management software that actually works the way you do? If you run a hair and beauty salon, spa, or any other wellness business, it is the perfect time for changing salon software so you can set yourself up for success. The field of contenders is large though, and it can be tough to narrow down which is the best salon software for your business. It all starts with asking the right questions. Questions to ask when switching salon software Before you go looking at any salon software, start by analyzing your actual business needs to figure out what features and functional benefits will be the most valuable to you. Make a list of ‘must to have’ and ‘good to

Whether your salon and spa business is relatively new, or mature, you need to attract new clients in order to keep your business healthy.  Many Salons and spas believe they can survive purely on word of mouth and their existing customer base. However, even a busy Salon and spa will experience slowdowns for various reasons; clients move away, have children, get new jobs, or just shift their priorities. Savvy owners know that having a strong salon and spa marketing plan that targets their potential clients will help them to attract new clients, in order to augment the loyal core audience. The Challenge: Today, there are so many options for reaching out, including: Print advertising Broadcast advertising (radio, television) Referral programs Events Email marketing, Social media outlets The downside to

Running a business requires you to use many skills, but the one that matters the most is communication with your team. In order for hair and beauty salons to grow and flourish, you must create an effective teamwork culture that also encourages employees to be good salespeople and to do this you need good communication. Your team must all be on the same ship and your role as the leader is to bring them together, all working towards your business goals. Meetings 101 Salon team meetings offer a foundation of good communication and gentle guided direction but they can feel daunting if they aren’t done regularly, or done only when something is not going as you had hoped. Here are some simple guidelines for effective team meetings. 1) FIGHT THE FEAR AND COMMIT TO

If you own or manage a salon, you might have experienced issues in the past regarding appointment scheduling. It’s a shame, because when you own a salon and work in the industry, all you want to do is give a client an incredible hairstyle that will send him or her out of the door with confidence. Luckily, with the help of efficient salon software, you can go about your business without worrying over the tedious details that can go into scheduling. Take the experts at Taylor Reese, for instance. The entire team at their Highland Park, Illinois-based hair salon uses salon software to take care of their scheduling needs, which allows them the time to take on what really matters: the quality of a client’s haircut,

No matter where you go, places you visit or people you meet, first impressions are forever lasting and are something that are extremely important when working in a client facing industry – with hairdressing, beauty and barbering one of the most important client facing industries across India. No matter the industry, it is extremely important that clients are greeted with nothing but exceptional service every time they visit the salon, spa or barbershop. It’s the little things that count and that keep clients coming back, solidifying their loyalty to your business/brand. Here we take a look at how you can make the clients visit extraordinary from start to finish; Answer the phone within three rings. We all know that salons can sometimes be quiet noisy therefore answering

Everyone loves to look their very best and no service helps to achieve the perfect look better than a hair salon does. The only problem that salons sometimes face is that they are considered a premium service, so the costs are eliminated from a budget if times for a customer get tight. Is there a way a hair salon can market their services to new clientele so that they can have a consistent level of income streaming through the door? For many hair salons, the end results are what provide the best marketing tools of all. When people know they look good, then their confidence levels soar and they’re able to do great things! If you help others accomplish their goals because you’re making their hair

This guide takes you on a journey, from the definition of marketing right throgh to listing some tried and tested salon marketing campaigns. The benefits of salon software to your marketing capabilities as a salon cannot be underestimated. Investing in salon software gives hair and beauty salons the power to target marketing messages, review the effectiveness of campaigns and harness cost-effective ways of communication such as text messaging. This troubleshooter guide, produced by Invoay software, answers the following salon marketing questions: Why is marketing important? Who should I contact? How should I contact them? What are my obligations under Data Protection? Which marketing campaigns will work for me? What are the common pitfalls? Many thanks to our team of contributors who have made these guides possible; from industry

Within the India a recent survey has found that 95% of the population now owns a smartphone, with an astonishing 55% looking at their phone within 15minutes of waking up in the morning. Looking more in-depth, 90% look at a text message within 90seconds of receiving them. Today, more often than not, we see clients using their smartphones at every opportunity, whilst in the salon and out and about, especially whilst using transport links. This is a prime opportunity for business to target their clients with text marketing, to increase noticeability and increase client retention. Here we look at into text marketing as a whole and how it can help engage and entice customers, resulting in increased revenue which in turn can benefit the business as

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