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Salon Software India An Innovative Change for the Business Industry

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Salon Software India An Innovative Change for the Business Industry

If you own or manage a salon, you might have experienced issues in the past regarding appointment scheduling. It’s a shame, because when you own a salon and work in the industry, all you want to do is give a client an incredible hairstyle that will send him or her out of the door with confidence. Luckily, with the help of efficient salon software, you can go about your business without worrying over the tedious details that can go into scheduling.

Take the experts at Taylor Reese, for instance. The entire team at their Highland Park, Illinois-based hair salon uses salon software to take care of their scheduling needs, which allows them the time to take on what really matters: the quality of a client’s haircut, style, or color.

When it comes to choosing salon software for your business, make sure to find one with the three below desirable features:

Online client scheduling. This is an excellent and convenient tool for anyone in the salon industry. Through the salon’s website, a hairstylist can gain access to his or her data only. This is also very helpful for hairstylists who wish to set up an appointment with a client after hours. Customers can schedule for an appointment 24/7. With email confirmation reminders, you can reduce the number of no-shows at your salon and save yourself hours of manual confirmation.
Mobile access. Let’s face it: many of us these days are glued to our mobile phones, constantly texting away and looking for new apps. What about using a software app which can show your schedule on your phone? Both salon owners and staff can view and manage their appointments through their smart phones and on other wireless devices.
Text and email confirmations. Imagine receiving a text notification of your next appointment. This allows salon owners and staff to be informed of their clients and appointments two hours beforehand.
Salon software can have your salon up and running without a single issue. Staff can view their appointments online or through their mobile app, and appointments can be sent out through a text two hours before it is scheduled. Technology such as this can really help the beauty industry with time management and overall business awareness.


Don’t let your clients miss out. Book a demo or Call +91-7982703982 and Email – [email protected] to learn more about the salon software used by more than 2,000 India salons and spas, and make their salon experience even better!



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