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February 2018


GST COMPLIANCE As the Goods and Services Tax (GST) rolls out from July 1, businesses are busy preparing themselves for the final stages of implementation of the biggest indirect tax reform ever in India. GST is going to have an overall impact on the prices of various commodities, investment opportunities and the business operations, in all sectors of the economy. For a proper, seamless transition to the GST regime, proactive management of resources and punctual groundwork should be done beforehand. Checklist for every business to ensure Pre-GST readiness before the roll-out date: GST migration Technology infrastructure Invoice preparation utility Accounting ERP Excel/spreadsheet software: Service provider Selecting an application service provider Salon software Spa software Gym Software Retail Software GST is a procedure-driven system where timely and accurate compliance are

If you own or manage a salon, you might have experienced issues in the past regarding appointment scheduling. It’s a shame, because when you own a salon and work in the industry, all you want to do is give a client an incredible hairstyle that will send him or her out of the door with confidence. Luckily, with the help of efficient salon software, you can go about your business without worrying over the tedious details that can go into scheduling. Take the experts at Taylor Reese, for instance. The entire team at their Highland Park, Illinois-based hair salon uses salon software to take care of their scheduling needs, which allows them the time to take on what really matters: the quality of a client’s haircut,

No matter where you go, places you visit or people you meet, first impressions are forever lasting and are something that are extremely important when working in a client facing industry – with hairdressing, beauty and barbering one of the most important client facing industries across India. No matter the industry, it is extremely important that clients are greeted with nothing but exceptional service every time they visit the salon, spa or barbershop. It’s the little things that count and that keep clients coming back, solidifying their loyalty to your business/brand. Here we take a look at how you can make the clients visit extraordinary from start to finish; Answer the phone within three rings. We all know that salons can sometimes be quiet noisy therefore answering

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