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All About Text Marketing for Salon, Spa, Gym and Wellness Center in India

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All About Text Marketing for Salon, Spa, Gym and Wellness Center in India

Within the India a recent survey has found that 95% of the population now owns a smartphone, with an astonishing 55% looking at their phone within 15minutes of waking up in the morning. Looking more in-depth, 90% look at a text message within 90seconds of receiving them.

Today, more often than not, we see clients using their smartphones at every opportunity, whilst in the salon and out and about, especially whilst using transport links. This is a prime opportunity for business to target their clients with text marketing, to increase noticeability and increase client retention. Here we look at into text marketing as a whole and how it can help engage and entice customers, resulting in increased revenue which in turn can benefit the business as a whole!

Client birthday text

A simple yet effective way to let clients know that you are thinking of them. By sending a ‘Happy Birthday’ message and perhaps offering a discount off a service will more than likely entice them to come back into the salon to celebrate their big day.

Appointment notifications

There is nothing worse than a missed appointment, and a space that could have been filled. Therefore providing a text notification 24hours prior to an appointment is a great way to provide a gentle reminder to clients and avoid no-show appointments.

Salon Offers

Throughout a quiet period communicating offers via text message is a great way to keep clients informed. Whether it be providing a discount on a service or treatment or a retail offer, it’s a great way to provide the clients with news from the salon to increase revenue. This can also be tailored to a specific group of clients, perhaps those who visited 6-8 weeks previous or those who prefer a specific service.


SMS Marketing is 100% reliable, as the message does not have to filter through a spam filter or firewall, like email and online servers. Providing the number provided is correct the client can be contacted directly and within seconds and there is not any barriers to this unless they opt out of the marketing services.

It’s environmentally friendly!

Being an environmentally friendly business is something which is extremely important across all industries, and something that those within the hair and beauty sector should be extremely conscious of. Clients are recognizing this more and more, and prefer communication to be online, saving paper and time!

Don’t let your clients miss out. Book a demo or Call +91-7503212717 and Email – [email protected] to learn more about the salon software used by more than 2,000 India salons and spas, and make their salon experience even better!



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