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How to Improve Customer Experience for Your Salon in India

How to Improve Customer Experience for Your Salon in India

According to the Interactive Report, 86% of customers are willing to pay more money for a better experience, and 89% stopped going to a salon because they had a bad customer experience.

As a salon owner, you should never underestimate the value of good customer service. Using the tips below to change a few small things can make all the difference to your salon’s ambience and ability to retain customers.

1. Establish a Good Communication System

Helpful communication can have a dramatic impact on getting customers to show up for their appointments, and it encourages them to make subsequent visits. Make sure your salon uses salon management software that comes equipped with automated reminders set up to inform customers about their upcoming appointments and when they might be due for a trim or other service. These reminders can make things convenient for both you and your clients.

2. Offer Complimentary Drinks

Most salons offer clients water, but those that provide a selection of different drinks can stand out more in the eyes of customers. Keep your facility stocked with additional beverages like tea, coffee, and soda if you want to go the extra mile. You could even consider offering mimosas on the weekends to create a fun vibe. Just check the alcohol laws in your state to see if you need to meet any specific requirements before offering cocktails.

3. Spruce Up Your Waiting Area

After arriving for their appointments, your customers ideally won’t have to wait to be seated get started—but you can’t always predict exactly how long you’ll be with other customers. Making your waiting area a more pleasant environment can make a big difference in your clients’ salon experience. Have a comfy couch they can sit on, ambient music playing they can listen to, and current magazines they can read—and don’t wait until they’re seated to offer them a drink.

4. Help Your Clients Avoid Boredom

Some services can take hours, which means customers are sitting in a chair for a long time. Help alleviate some of their potential boredom by offering a TV they can watch and free high-speed Wi-Fi so they can spend time online. You can mute the TV’s volume and turn on subtitles so it’s not too distracting but gives them something to do while their highlights sit in foils. Keeping charging cables for phones at each station is another great touch worth adding. After all, your customers might be there for a while, and this extra amenity can make all the difference.

5. Show Your Clients You’re Excited about Them

Salons that utilize Instagram to show off their clients’ new look have an advantage over those that don’t. With this social media platform, potential customers can see a portfolio of sorts when they’re deciding who to go to, and existing customers see that their stylist is as enthusiastic as they are about their new style.

Take before and after pictures of your customers and post the images to your professional or salon Instagram account, providing your clients are comfortable with it. Make sure to only post high-quality pictures—awkward lighting won’t showcase your work properly, nor will it catch people’s eyes online. Sharing the finished products of your services is a great way to promote your staff’s talent, and it encourages clients to give you a shout out on social media.

6. Ask Customers to Leave Reviews

You don’t have to overtly ask your clients to leave you a review once they leave your salon—a mirror sticker or flyer can encourage them to do so without you asking verbally. It’s also worth reading excellent online reviews for other salons in your area to see what they’re doing right. This can give you inspiration for your own salon and help you keep up with the competition.

The extra things you do in your salon for your customers can be the difference between someone returning in the future (and putting in a good word for you with their friends) and be going elsewhere. In addition to avoiding some common mistakes, follow these tips to create a better salon experience for your clients and encourage them to revisit your business in the future.



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